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2016 ORECA Events ‘afterworks’ have come to an end

The event


Driving, but also and above all business

2016 marked the launching of afterwork events at the Driving Center, within the Paul Ricard Circuit. Those evenings, starting at 6pm, are definitely business-driven. Indeed, they allow enterprises to invite their clients or prospects and spend some special time with them.

Those events provide an opportunity to discover sports driving. Each guest can sit at the wheel of a Porsche Cayman for two series of laps, getting a taster of motorsport, on track. At the end of the session, guests can become passengers and enjoy a taxi ride with professional driver. Thrills guaranteed!

Once driving activities are over, a cocktail is organised in the hospitality space and on the terraces. That’s when business conversations come into play. Around a glass of champagne and some petit-four guests can exchange in a laid-back environment, suited to these kinds of discussions.

The last afterwork of 2016 took place in the beginning of October at the Driving Center. After the five meetings we made this year,  the afterworks will come back in 2017 with 6 new date. If you are interested, please do get in touch via our contact form.

Customer debriefing


Jérome Richetti, Development Manager Santé Elior

OE: What did you appealing in the concept of afterwork events?

JR: The 6pm-10pm afterwork format means that the working day is not interrupted but at same time doesn’t end up too late. Also, this multi-company event concept of an event allows to invite just a couple of clients and propsects with a reasonable budget. Being in small groups facilitates true exchanges in a friendly environment.

As for the technical aspect, we were really attracted by the opportunity to be on our own behind the wheel. Some of our clients who had taken part in mainstream driving courses before admitted that they had more fun at the wheel of the Porsche Cayman provided by the ORECA Events. They enjoyed not having an instructor next to them. Finally, wrapping up the session with a two-lap taxi ride next to a professional driver was very appealing and triggered our decision to come to those evening events.

OE: How many guests did you invite? Who were they? Clients, prospects, collaborators?

JR: We’ve attended three evenings and invited 3 people for the first one in April, then 8 in both May and June. Our guests were mainly prospects, but also some good clients, we wanted to foster exchanges about our services, in a different context.

OE: What feedback did you get from your guests?

JR: They want more! They had a really good time. If we had to summarize their feedback in three words, that would be: Sensational: Cayman and Driving Center work very well together. Thrills weren’t lacking. Outstanding: our guests really appreciated the two series of five laps, and most particularly the fact that they could be on their own behind the wheel – as opposed to more traditional driving courses. Laid back: Excellent catering and perfect format. Enough free time in between driving sessions to really enjoy everybody’s company, the site, the cocktail, etc…

OE: Are you satisfied with those events and and would you consider coming back?

JR: We’re really satisfied with those events, they’ve allowed us to strengthen existing relationships with our clients while also providing new business opportunities with new prospects. We will continue attending Porsche evenings with ORECA Events in 2017 and we’re also interested in other options such as VIP services at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.