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A good end of year for ORECA Events now looking to 2017

Year 2016


Time to look at the results of B2B activities

In late June, we looked at the results of 2016’s first term which had come to an end with the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the VIP services provided to enterprises. As the new year begins, it is now possible for us to look back at 2016 as a whole. It has been an exciting and full-of-challenges year for our agency and crews who were on all fronts.

The first six months were very busy, and the second part of the year followed with similar momentum, including: setting up the DS 3 Performance Tour for French manufacturer DS, pursuing our work for Audi France throughout the whole year, running driving courses for companies from all sectors, or coordinating institutional events (seminars, trade shows).

Just like during the first term, over 30 events have been organised these last six months, for businesses outside the automotive industry. Below is a summary of the activities conducted.


Past Events


Different formats for corporate events

The seminars organised for Carl Zeiss company and group Lefort undoubtedly stand as two highlights of the second half of 2016. Four-star hotel, meeting rooms but also seaside activities for the former (the event took place in Sainte-Maxime, Le Var, France); meeting rooms, seaside activities, gala dinner and concert for the latter. These seminars followed a tailored and busy programme.

For Ball Packaging’s anniversary, we had to arrange a full day of activities within the Paul Ricard Circuit. In addition to driving activities (series of laps in Porsche Cayman on the Driving Center track and slalom on the Dynamic Driving Center), we also set up a pit-stop challenge which all guests took part in. Catering was under our responsibility too.

South East of France’s great weather allowed us to run evening events, even outdoor, 8 months of the year. In this context, we have welcomed the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Le Var, France) at the Driving Center for a networking evening during which we introduced our activities. Also, as a partner of Rugby Club Toulonnais, we hosted the RCT Business Club in November.

2016’s second term allowed us to once again demonstrate our range of know-how. Each event was a tailored response to precise requirements and objectives : a driving course in supercars for Sixt (as part of an incentive), a gala lunch for American collaborators of IPSEN doing a business trip in the area, wine tasting at the Domaine du Galoupet for Amundi (as part of a seminar). We can meet all your requests.

Year 2017


Same momentum continues in 2017…

2016 was a year full of challenges for our agency. We are expecting 2017 to be just as busy. Like last year, we will continue to run evening events at the Driving Center. They are ideal to invite a small group of collaborators/clients, and are a strong and efficient loyalty tool. Six afterwork events are already scheduled between April and October.

This new year, our range of events solutions will also be extended with a new partnership with the Domaine du Galoupet where we will run driving courses to discover 4×4 activities. More information will be available very soon. In 2017, we will also introduce driving courses and road trips behind the wheel of the new Abarth 124 Spider. For sure, all your guests will enjoy this easy-to-handle and high-performance car.

For further information regarding our offering or any specific enquiry or quote request about a project of yours, please do get in touch via our contact form.