Brand Activation


Attract your customers and influencers



ORECA Events offers comprehensive brand experiences dedicated to players in the automotive sector mainly. Strategic advising, performance evaluation, on-site production, we can work on all types of events and we will adapt our offers to your audiences, without losing sight of your Brand and Business issues.

Fields of application:

  • Roadshows
  • Press Events
  • Test drives and demonstrations
  • Product launch
  • Fanzones et hospitality spaces
  • Brand community


Fields of application



Imagine your brand is a rock band, it’d be impossible to organise one single concert in order to satisfy all your fans. Enterprises work the same way. A roadshow is an opportunity to meet your customers directly, wherever they are, in order to highlight your brand universe and products, thus meeting your business ambitions. Our strengths: finding the right locations, recruiting instructors, creating contents that reflect brand universe, planning and staging test drives, analyzing performance and outcomes (evaluating sales and lead generation)…


Press events

In order to attract such a demanding audience as the general press and media, constantly busy and called upon, you must rely on impacting ideas and strong assets. We are not afraid of going for unusual places while convincing through contents, organisation and attention to detail throughout the event. In short, we want to delight them! From invitations management, to the analysis of benefits and impact, all the necessary know-how to meet your needs and expectations is in our hands.

Fields of application


Test drives & demonstrations

Test-drives are key moments in the car buying customer journey. Because nothing will ever be more tempting than sitting behind the wheel and getting acquainted with the vehicle. This is exactly what we have to offer in various contexts – shows, racetracks, concessions – via different entertaining and revealing schemes. We know how to generate brand preference leading to customer reactions and facilitating loyalty-development over the long term. Our main asset: creating test drives that match your brand image, relying on guidelines developed in-house.


Product launch

Knowing how to stage your brand and products, taking advantage of influential media and bloggers, gathering and engaging your most loyal customers, encouraging word of mouth… Those are the techniques which will enable you to make the most of your new product’s potential. Whether it’s about an on-board technology or the latest vehicle of the range, we know how to enhance your products by bringing engaging contents, proving their benefits and allowing you to proudly stand out amongst your competitors.

Fields of application


Fanzones et hospitality spaces

Setting up fanzones during big events is a perfect way to put your brand in the spotlight and stand out amongst your business competitors. Such projects are built around customers’ experience, inviting them to be immersed in the values, history and identity of your company.


Brand community

At a racetrack, on the road or at unusual venues, when we gather your brand community we look to put a face behind your company and humanize their relationship with your brand. This will turn your most loyal customers into your brand’s and products’ best representatives in the long term.


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