Corporate Events


Federate your teams and network



Whether you’re looking to organise a seminar, a public relation initiative or an incentive for your dealer network, ORECA Events devises and stages custom-made events to meet your company’s values and culture. Purposes of in-house communication: to convince, exchange and federate so that your teams, network and collaborators stand behind you.


Fields of application:

  • Seminars
  • Conventions
  • Product knowledge training
  • Dealer rewards and incentive

Fields of application


Product knowledge training

Nobody ever seems particularly enthusiastic about participating in a product training. Yet, we can turn this kind of events into exciting experiences. With the perfect blend of engaging and entertaining activities and role plays, we know which ingredients can make the difference… Not forgetting the main objective: to ensure that specific messages are understood and that participants will be able to convey them later on, in their daily professional tasks. Our strengths: creating pedagogical concepts & contents, recruiting instructors, organising dynamic and comparative tests, managing on-site coordination.


Dealer rewards and incentive

Rewarding your dealers is necessary. Their motivation and performances are key factors for your company, particularly in the automotive sector. Whether in France or across the world, we work on developing efficient incentive mechanisms that can support you with these issues.

Fields of application



Management tool widely implemented by enterprises, seminars aim to gather your teams together and give them new momentum. Thus, when we organise a seminar, our main goal is to engage your employees around your brand, guaranteeing a unique setting and memorable experiences. Our strengths: selecting meeting rooms and spaces for your workshops, organising travel & transport, accommodation & catering, proposing exciting and original activities.



The strength of a company’s brand gets built in house first. That’s why it is crucial to gather everybody around a common theme in order to get strategic messages across, and thus encourage a sense of shared common goal in your company. Organising such large-scale events requires perfect management where every single detail along the process counts, from defining your company’s message in the first place to staging the convention on the D-day.


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