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How to stand out at a trade show ?



Create quality traffic

Like many companies, you’re probably wondering how to attract the most expo attendees as possible to drive foot traffic to your booth. In addition to the investment and cost associated with setting up and working a booth, there are several ways to make it impactful and profitable. You only have a few days to accomplish your mission. No detail can be overlooked.

One thing is sure : the competition will be tough. They will encounter the same activation challenges as you and will think outside the box in order to attract visitors to their booth. Remember the three rules to guarantee success :

  • Be seen
  • Be recognized
  • Be attractive to potential customers

Our advice


How do you prepare a successful booth ?

The commercial success of your operation also depends on your preparation. Thanks to our tips, you can optimize your presence and ensure your booth remains a successful activation for the duration of the expo.

1. Choosing the expo and booth

Before jumping in with both feet, make sure to study all of the various options available to you. The better you anticipate this choice, the better your chances are of having a successful expo. Look at different shows and expos available (B2B, B2C, specialized events, etc.) Check the list of venders and potiential competitors, and how many visitors each show receives… Once a show is chosen, be sure to pick a booth location close to an activity zone, where foot traffic is densest : expo activities, VIP booth area, restaurants or close to restrooms are all strategic locations for your booth.

2. Defining your objectives

The objectives for you participation in an expo or show must be perfectly defined in order to realize the best possible communication with potential clients both ahead of time and once on site. Examples : new product display, promoting innovations, reinforcing your image and brand, meeting prospective customers…It is also important to know your visitors’ needs and what motivates them to attend such an event.

3. Setting up your booth

You only have one chance to make a first impression ! Create an inviting space where visitors will naturally want to walk in : be open. You should give people reason to step forward. Everything matters : decor, lighting, seating and table space, graphical elements…The more these facets are cohesive and impactful, the more you will distance yourself from the competition and the number of visitors to your booth will grow.

4. Anticipating and scheduling a meeting

By choosing one expo over another, you are hoping those visitors will be prospective, and event potential clients. Take advantage of your upcoming presence at the event to prepare and send invitations ahead of the show in order to set up meetings with previous contacts.

5. Get yourself noticed and create a buzz

Creating fun side-activities at your booth attracts attention from visitors, and promotes your product and message to target customers. Your game/activity should be focused and timely, to avoid loss of impact and therefore interest. Opt for ideas that correspond to your target audience and which will make an impact. For example, driving simulators, quiz contests, interactive apps, games, etc.

6. The creation of a CRM file

During the expo, accumulate as many contact details as possible from visitors and create a CRM database as soon as possible. Then, you can analyze the data : number of visitors, number of orders, number of leads generated, and most importantly the sales made from the expo !

Case study


Grohe booth activation

Grohe entrusted ORECA Events to prepare its booth during an industry expo in order to generate a maximum of foot traffic. After meeting with them, we suggested they set up driving simulators and create a challenge during their event, which resulted in more prospective clients at their booth.

Grohe, leader in kitchen, bath and sanitary fittings in France, entrusted ORECA Events to make expo a success at all levels. ORECA Events provided a turnkey operation with transportation, installation and animation for this show where two full size F1-style driving simulators were available to participants’ delight

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