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How to improve customer relationship



Events as customer relationship tools

In an ever-increasing competitive environment, with strong pressure for companies across all sectors, customer relationship is a key aspect to be taken into account for all kinds of businesses. The main objective is to foster trust-based relationships with customers and to develop loyalty over the long term, relying on a win-win strategy.

Investing in customer relationship, whether on a human, material or financial level, should ideally be proportional to the value of customers. The value of a customer is very often defined by the turnover he/she generates for the business yet other aspects can also be taken into account. For instance, prestige might be brought by a customer to a company.

Inviting customers to an event which has been specifically designed for them is an efficient way to value them and show interest.



Premium events for customers to feel valued

Needless to say that the more sophisticated an event is, the more valued and important customers will feel. It is wise to adapt your budget to the value of your targeted customers in order to find a good balance between costs and outcomes. For businesses, organising a premium event is a way to prove customers that they matter. It reflects how attentive they can be to their guests’ well-being.

To enhance this impression, it is also important that companies’ representatives attend those events in order to exchange with participants, whether in a formal setting as part of a meeting or within an informal context during a meal.

Selecting the right activities is a key aspect of a successful customer relationship. Unusual activities will tend to be long remembered whereas more ‘traditional’ ones that customers could have potentially taken part in before. It is also important to pick activities which are related to your business’s culture and values, making sure that the event is coherent.

To meet your needs, ORECA Events can set up premium events that will make an impact on your customers and will contribute to develop the company-customer bond.

For example, last May we organised a premium event for a company in the car rental industry. The aim was to show customers that they mattered and thank them. Guests stayed at a 5* hotel, next to the Paul Ricard circuit, one of the most legendary motorsport tracks. Their activity consisted in a driving session behind the wheel of supercars, on the Driving Center track. This one-day event allowed the company to meet its objective, strengthening the relationship with its best customers.



About ORECA Events

ORECA Group, through its events agency, arranged that evening event, which all guests enjoyed, though most of them did not know much about the company itself to start with. They found out that ORECA Events can meet the requests of brands or businesses of all sectors.

We organise afterwork events at the Driving Center, inside the Paul Ricard Circuit, but also tailored events for all enterprises wishing to offer an incentive to their customers or partners, or a seminar to their collaborators.

Whether around driving activities or not, our events are designed and prepped with commitment and attention to detail, in order to provide high-end services to all of our clients.

If you have projects in mind for you business, please di get in touch via our contact form.