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How to write specifications for an event



A key document

Specifications are guidelines to be followed when organising an event. They are foundations on which the whole project relies, comprising all of the information related to needs, aims and resources required. Writing specifications is a fundamental step towards realising your project.

These specifications mainly aim to answer several questions in a clear and precise way so that those in charge of creating and setting up the event can best meet the company’s needs. In order for your specifications to fulfill their role, they must answer different questions about your event.



Various questions to answer in your specifications

Why? What is it for?

Seminars, team building events or incentives: several objectives can be met through those corporate events. It is therefore very important for those objectives to be specific and clear so that the final outcome is in keeping with the expectations of the company initiating the project. This section will also be useful to contextualise the event so that those in charge of implementing it have a good overview of expectations and aims to meet.


Who does it address?

In order to work towards your aims, event agencies need to be able to know who your event addresses. That is why specifications need to integrate participants’ profile information and number.



The city, region or country selected as your event’s location need to be mentioned in your project’s specifications. This choice needs to reflect what you envision for your event. Once the location has been selected, it is important to be clear about what is needed in terms of facilities and room types.



This is a two-fold question: you need to define both date and duration of your event. This decision needs to take into consideration guests’, participants’ and speakers’ availabilities.


What kind of activities?

For an unforgettable event, you want participants to enjoy entertaining and original activities. It is important to make sure that activities are adapted to the participants. These moments of fun are opportunities to take part in unexpected activities which will make your event even more striking.


What kind of logistics?

Logistics include several aspects of your event:

Firstly, your guests need to be taken to the event’s location and appropriate travel solutions should be put in place, according to where they are coming from. Those will depend on expectations in terms of comfort, travel duration but also budget allocated for the project.

Secondly, appropriate catering has to be selected. Though it might seem insignificant, catering needs to be coherent with how you envision your event to be like. A lunch cocktail or buffet for a formal setting, a restaurant for a friendlier environment or even a high-end restaurant for a prestigious event.

Finally, accommodation will be needed for events which last several days. Once again, the type of accommodation will depend on how you imagine your event to be and the budget involved for it.


What kind of programme?

So that everything runs smoothly, it is wise to mention a detailed programme in your specifications.


What budget?

Budgeting is the final step for specifications. The budget needs to be in keeping with the previous information.


Additional information

Further information can allow to facilitate project advancement, they can be provided within your specifications. They will help the final outcome best match the project as you had imagined it.


To conclude, though your specifications are the foundations of your event, it is important to remain flexible: hitches and unforeseen constraints can lead to have to change initial plans. It is thus better to keep in mind that some aspects might evolve as the project develops!




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