Complete your event



Taking your events approach one step further

Design and branding


Dress your event according to your company’s colours and create an even more impacting brand experience. We can design and produce branding elements for your event: beachflags, banners, flags, kakemonos, event accreditations…

Invitation management


Managing invitations is one key strategical element since it is at the heart of your communication with your guests (sending documents with practical information, programmes…) and administers some or all of your event’s logistical aspects (registrations, accommodation, organising meeting points and reminders…). From personalised design to technical management, we can develop the best solution perfectly adapted to your actual event.

Photo and video reports


Give your guests an opportunity to immortalize their fantastic day of driving and to make their experience of the circuit last a little longer. A photographer and a filming crew will be capturing the essence of your event. The most beautiful images will be selected, processed and edited before being sent to you following on the event.

Post-event studies


Does your event meet your objectives? Evaluate its impact! It is important today to be aware of whether or not your guests have appreciated your event, but it is also essential to find out whether or not it affected their behavior, as expected. We will provide you with tools to analyse your event, to understand your target audience and to react accordingly.



As an events agency well-established within its local environment, we’ve forged, throughout the years, special relationships with other players of the tourism sector, in our region. Therefore our business network allows us to suggest different solutions, in terms of accommodation, adapted to your needs. Whether on the Destination Castellet site or around your event’s location, we will find the right solution for you.

Selection of goodies


For a successful event, brand experience needs to be strong and distinguishing. These details often turn an event into a true experience. Distributing goodies clearly participates in that process. Nothing should be left to chance! We can find unique objects that relate to your goals and will ensure you full success.