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ORECA Events invites RCT Business Club to the Driving Center

The Event


RCT Business Club partner meeting

The Business Club’s goal is to gather the Rugby Club Toulonnais’s partners together for an evening of exclusive themes. Each month, its members meet in a prestigious location to conduct B2B functions and have a good time.

As the club’s newest member, we had the pleasure of hosting the final event of the 2014/2015 season at the Castellet Driving Center. Professional meetings were had, business cards were exchanged, and the highlight of the event : the chance to drive a Porsche on track.

Driving a Porsche Cayman and good times


Business Club RCT

Following a warm welcome and a briefing on the essentials of safe driving, the 65 participants were able to put the Porsche Cayman’s handling capabilities to the test. Regardless of each driver’s experience, everyone benefitted from the advice provided by the licensed driving instructor riding in the passenger seat.

In order to finish on the highest of high notes, the amateur drivers were treated to a round of breathtaking hot laps from the experts. This gave participants the ability to directly compare the gap between sporty driving compared to high-level, precision driving.

It was a huge pleasure to have organized this B2B event and we’d like to invite all of the RCT partners back in 2016 for even more excitement, on track and in the stadium !