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PACA Region, an ideal place to host your events



Location is key to a successful event

The Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region is one of the most attractive places in the world for tourism. With a great diversity of incredible sites, it has always been particularly appealing to tourists. In the professional world, when it is time to imagine and organise a corporate event, one of the most important criteria is undoubtedly its location. Indeed, businesses are always looking for new places to attract and surprise their guests. PACA Region can probably offer what you are looking for. Why?

According to a study conducted by Coach Omnium this year about business tourism, 83% of professionals consider location as the central aspect of an event. It is also mostly what makes guests want to attend. One should therefore take extra care when making a decision about what will partly turn their event into a success.


Where should your event take place ?


PACA region, a must-go place

Second leading tourist destination in France, after the Paris region, with 34 million tourists visiting each year, PACA Region is very attractive to both classic tourism or business tourism. Cities like Marseille, Nice ou Cannes for instance make it even more appealing. The Mediterranean sea and the weather are other strong assets to the area.

Additionally, the many airports and stations make it easily accessible, wherever you are coming from. Only a 3-hour train ride or 1h15 flight from Paris, Marseille and its surroundings are just a stone’s throw from you. It is thus easy to organise an event in the region while keeping the logistics very simple and ensuring it is not time-consuming for your guests.

The region also hosts great events such as the Festival de Cannes or the Monaco F1 Grand Prix (the most prestigious GP of the season), which you could potentially rely on, devising your seminar, incentive or public relations projects around them. Yet, being supported by an events agency is essential to guarantee that the event is a success, most particularly at those times of the year.

The Paul Ricard Circuit is another iconic place of the region, one of the greatest racetracks in the world. Located in Le Castellet, between Marseille and Toulon, the site counts several tracks, high-standing hotels as well as many meeting rooms. Only 20 minutes away from the beaches, it also allows to add seaside activities to your schedule and jazz up your event. It is thus an ideal place to organise events centred around automotive and driving activities, or not.

As an events agency located in Le Var and in partnership with the Paul Ricard Circuit, we have a perfect knowledge of our region and are fully familiar with the challenges and objectives involved in B to B corporate events. We would be delighted to support you in devising your events projects, whether oriented towards motorsport or not. Indeed, with the years, we have developed our know-how and expertise beyond automotive itself, and have also successfully set up and managed more traditional events.

ORECA Events


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Expert in motorsport, automotive and driving activities, ORECA Events has been supporting players within the automotive industry as well as enterprises across varied sectors for over 25 years, working on their brand & business issues. Relying on its history and experience, the agency can develop the right responses, ever-increasing in singularity and uniqueness, while also remaining innovative. Working fields include driving experiences, corporate events (seminars, track dayssports incentive and public relationsF1 simulator hires) logistics (hiring VIP spaces and hospitality spaces) automotive marketing consultancy.

Today ORECA Events employs 40 people full-time and organises over 150 events each year, with a turnover of 20M€. ORECA Events is a part of the ORECA Group, major motorsport player in France and worldwide for over 40 years.