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Racing package, soon available at ORECA Events



A new offering for motorsport fans

We can rely on different activities to facilitate immersion in motorsport. These include: show cars which can be set up for Pit Stop challenges, F1 cockpit or half-cockpit driving simulators and BATAK. Though each of these activities can be hired separately as an option, a special offer including all of them at once, and called Racing package, will soon be available.

Soon available in our catalogue, this package will include all of these elements at a special price, making sure that motorsport is at the heart of your event. Additionally, we could also plan for a professional driver to come and share his experience with participants, delivering his best advice throughout your event.



Competitive but friendly activities

Cockpit or half-car F1 simulators

Simulators, whether F1 cockpits or half cockpits, facilitate interactive and fun experiences, as close as possible to reality. All of them are adjustable and customizable inside and outside to match your business’s or event’s visual identity.

Sitting behind the wheel, participants can have a go at virtual races, following unique scenarios designed by us including team or individual challenges. We can take these simulators everywhere in France and across Europe.


Show car and Pit Stop Challenge

Customizable inside and outside, show cars are also available. They are life-size mockups of true Formula 1 cars. Prestigious and attractive, you could also use them for an unusual activity called Pit Stop Challenge.

It consists in replacing wheels as fast as possible, recreating the experience of a live F1 pit stop. This individual or team challenge will be ideal to foster cohesion and competitive spirit.



Now essential to professional drivers’ training, BATAK helps to improve hand eye coordination as well as peripheral vision. In other words, it allows to improve reactions so that professional drivers can better manage unexpected situations while they are behind the wheel.

BATAK is a fun and unusual activity which everyone will enjoy. It also takes very little space once set up. We can provide a BATAK wall for your events so your guests can have a good time with this physical activity.


Racing Package

This turnkey package comprises 2 simulators, F1 cockpit or half cockpit depending on what you need, 1 show car and a BATAK wall, as well as two members of staff to manage those activities. The package will be available to all, everywhere in France, at a special price.



A propos

Spécialisée dans l’automobile et les loisirs mécaniques, ORECA Events accompagne depuis plus de 25 ans les acteurs de l’automobile mais également les annonceurs de tous horizons sur des problématiques « brand & business ». De par son histoire, l’agence développe des réponses toujours plus pertinentes et adopte un positionnement novateur. Son champ d’action s’étend des driving expérience aux corporate events (séminaire et pilotage sur circuitincentive sportif, relations publiques sportlocation de simulateur F1) en passant par le rôle de régie logistique automobile (locations de réceptifs VIP, hospitalités sport automobile) et de conseil marketing automobile.

ORECA Events compte aujourd’hui plus de 40 collaborateurs permanents, organise plus de 150 événements chaque année et réalise un CA de 20M€. ORECA Events est l’agence événementielle automobile du Groupe ORECA, acteur majeur du sport automobile en France et à l’international depuis plus de 40 ans.