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Embodying high performance, supporting racers

For over a century Michelin has been seeking high performance, focusing its work on that specific aspect. This pursuit of excellence shows in the brand’s different commitments whether in competition or in relation to its consumers.

In 2014, Michelin wished to foster its credibility and leadership amongst a very demanding target: racers, ambassadors and first prescribers of products within the “high-performance” tyres segment. Challenges were clear: to support racers when they take to the track, but also to offer extra contents in order for them to enjoy their passion even more.

Our response


A tour as part of over 40 trackdays in Europe

We first wanted to be as close as possible to racers in order to meet their expectations. Therefore we established a mobile caravan which travelled from circuit to circuit, attending over 40 trackdays across Europe. For each collaborating event, participants benefited from free technical support services as well as a dedicated hospitality space.

Additionally, a challenge focused on performance allowed 150 racers to enjoy many more: premium kit, MICHELIN Lap Timer app available and free to download, expert advice before, during and after each race in order to optimize driving technique. Following on each session, the drivers who achieved the best results received special gifts.

In 2015, the MPSE, still run by ORECA, celebrated their 3rd anniversary.

Our missions:

  • Startegic advising
  • Logistics and transport
  • Providing motorhome
  • Selecting staff
  • Organising the challenge
  • Managing registration process