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Seminars, team building events or incentives



3 concepts to know about when planning your corporate event

These three types of corporate events are to do with gathering your collaborators and spending time together outside the company. Well-being, good relationship and cohesion among employees lead to better productivity and competitiveness. To strengthen those, and efficient solution is to organise an event specifically dedicated to employees so they can feel valued by the company.

Yet those three types of events are suited to different goals and run differently.



The type of event depends on your aims


Seminars are events during which collaborators gather, outside the company’s premises. The idea is to combine working sessions with convivial moments, through intellectual, cultural or sports activities.

The word ‘seminar’ is a generic term. Therefore team buildings events and incentives are also seminars, but with specific aims.


Team Building events

The name says it all, this type of events aims to federate employees and create a bond between them all, extending beyond their basic working relationship. Team building events will eventually allow to foster a better working environment for employees.

In terms of contents, participants will take part in entertaining activities designed around team work. These could be games or sporting, artistic or cultural challenges, leading participants to discover new things about themselves.



While team building events aim to improve cohesion among a group of people, an incentive rather looks to increase each individual’s motivation, strengthening employees’ sense of belonging in the workplace, and making them feel aligned with their company’s values.

Overall, incentives are a way for the company to reward employees for having met objectives and to show gratitude by inviting them to take part in an original activity.




ORECA Group, through its events agency, arranged that evening event, which all guests enjoyed, though most of them did not know much about the company itself to start with. They found out that ORECA Events can meet the requests of brands or businesses of all sectors.

We organise afterwork events at the Driving Center, inside the Paul Ricard Circuit, but also tailored events for all enterprises wishing to offer an incentive to their customers or partners, or a seminar to their collaborators.

Whether around driving activities or not, our events are designed and prepped with commitment and attention to detail, in order to provide high-end services to all of our clients.

If you have projects in mind for you business, please di get in touch via our contact form.